About Freckle Lips

What in the world is FreckleLips? Yes, I know it’s an odd name, but hopefully you will always remember it! My youngest son is 6 and is freckle-free except for three small freckles on his lips! So, even though he sometimes protests, his nickname is Frecklelips!

FreckleLips started as an online shop where I sold fabric gift bags, gift cards and tags. I met so many creative folks online and became friends with people from the other side of the country – and the world! I loved it. I loved sewing, and cutting fabric! I loved participating in BNRs and getting all kinds of fantastic handmade goodies in the mail. But I wasn’t really making money.

I started an online blog and newsletter so I could feature my new friends and get to know more people. Some of my posts were getting 60+ comments and I was thrilled. I started to make a name for myself in a little niche of people.

So I opened a second shop, FreckleLips Jewelry, where I sold Upcycled Rings made from vintage jewelry. I had a lot of positive feedback and even did a couple of outdoor festivals. I felt like I was running a real business. (I realize it was always a REAL business but this is when I FELT that way!)

What I hadn’t planned on were the number of emails I was receiving asking questions. About business, or marketing, or creating banners, or attracting followers. So each time a question would come in, I would answer as best as I could, sometimes directly or sometimes in a general blogpost.

Then I started getting referrals. People I had never met were coming to me because I had helped their friend. It was crazy.

FreckleLips Coaching was born – completely organically. I had a natural talent to research then apply. It came as second nature to me, but people around me where struggling with overwhelm.

I’m so happy to get to know you. Please sign up for the newsletter so I can hear about you and your business. I hope here you can ignite that creative spark and start building your own personal path.