About Sammi

I am a searcher, a wanderer, a risk-taker, and I’m sarcastic and goofy as hell.
For years I have been trying to fit into a square hole which is ridiculous since I’m so clearly a round peg!

Before I started school my parents played in a bluegrass band and traveled around to fairs and festivals in a converted blue school bus. I think that was the beginning of my love affair with traveling and meeting new people!

For many years I worked behind a desk in a cubicle for other people. It was always unsettling and very difficult for me to get through my workday. But I am a single mom with three kids so I thought the benefits, the salary, the 401K made the quiet suffering all worth it. (Maybe it wasn’t quiet suffering)

Like many creative people, something was always missing. It wasn’t so deep down that I didn’t know exactly what it was – but I was scared and insecure and felt a lot of pressure from friends and family to keep my “real” job.

I’m still terrified and sometimes insecure but I am channeling my passions into work that I love. I work longer hours and often much harder than I ever did for a boss – but I’m happy and calm and pleasant to be around!

I love helping other women reach their creative goals too. I can’t wait to get to know you and be there when your dreams become a reality!