Work with Me

One-On-One Coaching

Do you feel the creative energy about to burst out of you,
and you know in your heart it could be business –
but you have no idea where to start?

Yes that’s me in the video above – and I’m a fanatic when it comes to helping others grow their online businesses. I’m also handmade obsessed. I love creative businesses and the people that run them. When you work with me I will help you overcome your obstacles and clarify your vision to meet your goals.

Be ready for success!

Just like you, I have been running an online handmade business with varying degrees of success. I’ve done tons of research but it can be overwhelming and confusing! My goal with Frecklelips is to help online business owners navigate through all the advice and nonsense and get right to what works – to what brings in the sales! If you have loads of fun while you’re doing it – I’m even more excited!

Sammi gave me 10 times more confidence and love for my products, she boosted my fan base everywhere and really helped my sales! I would do a blog with her any day any time all the time! Highly recommended, a sweet wonderful woman. Stefanee Morgan

If you have never tried coaching – or never heard of it *GASP* – this can all be a little confusing. I thought it might help to show you some tangible ways I can help you as your coach.

Benefits of coaching are:
• to create a true brand
• to have more visitors, comments, likes and conversations with your clients
• to make a profit
• to have freedom & joy centered around your creative passions

Without the right tools, it can be a long road to success when you have a handmade or creative business. Hiring me as your coach is a huge leap of faith and I know you may have some concerns. I have decided to just put it out there – below are the main concerns previous clients have had:

  1. Are you going to just take my money and leave me hangin’?
  2. This won’t work for me. I’ve tried everything.
  3. Social networking is too complicated and time consuming. Are you gonna make me tweet?
  4. What are you going to teach me I can’t find online?

Because I am completely transparent and want you to be at ease with hiring me as your coach, I will clear up these concerns right now!

1. Your success is my success. Having happy, successful clients is how I stay in business. To make sure you never feel like you are just wandering around aimlessly after our sessions are over I have started a private Facebook group that only me previous clients can join. Anytime you have a questions, a concern or a triumph you can post it on the wall and get feedback from other clients or directly from me.

2. If you don’t think my coaching will help, it probably won’t – and we should part now with a fond farewell. I’ve said this before and I wish it wasn’t true – but there is NO magic pill. It takes hard work and a desire to succeed to have success in any business. I will be giving it my all and I will be your ever-faithful cheerleader who will never even take on a client I don’t believe in.

3. I’m not gonna tell you to do anything. Ever. For real! I’m going to let you know what I’ve found to be true in running a successful creative business. Then I’m going to push you to find your own way, which may include why you are so resistant to certain free marketing tools I’m a tweeter. Many of my clients tweet and love it, their businesses have grown because of it. But will you HAVE to tweet to be successful? No.

4. I may never teach you anything you couldn’t eventually find somewhere on the massive world wide web. But wouldn’t you miss my with and charming personality? Honestly, I’ve done the research, dug through 100s of sites, interviewed the experts, and run two of my own creative online shops. What you get when you hire me, is ME! I will provide honest insight and feedback on how to make your very personal business a success.

Sammi has a keen sense for what makes people respond, a crucial ingredient to marketing success and conversion rates. In a sea of blogs and websites, it takes something special to stand out in the ‘crowd’~ Sammi knows how to make that happen! Cat Lombardo


I want you to be completely without risk, so you are free to focus on the import work – like growing your business! If after you have put your creative heart and soul (and brain) into my coaching program and you can show me you have completed all of the homework I assigned – I will give you a 100% honest-to-goodness refund.

My goal here is to help others be successful, and if anyone feels I have not lived up to my part of the bargain – I believe it is good Karmic Ju Ju to refund their money right away! There is no risk with hiring me!


It’s so easy to say YES to changing your business and your life! Send me an email today so we can determine which program best suits your needs! That’s it!

Within 24 hours you will receive a questionnaire from me, so I can stalk your business for a couple of days and see how things are going. Then we will agree on a time to call or Skype and get started! It’s that easy!


You can wait and think about it and do more google searches on ‘blogging and how it helps your business’. But wouldn’t you rather be painting, or sewing or working on your own blog? Don’t wait 2 weeks, or 4 months, or a year from now to hire me as your coach. It will have been precious time wasted where your business could have turned a profit, or your mailing list could have doubled! Let’s start today!

Thankfully I met Sammi within the first week I opened CreativityHappens on Etsy. What sticks out the most for me with Sammi is her overachieving willingness to do whatever it takes to help someone/anyone. I asked a question about a blog in a forum & she sent me detailed instructions on how to fix mine. She took real time away from her shop to give detailed steps to follow. She is top-notch and I try to learn as much as possible from her. Barbara Rucker